Cybercrime Technical Consulting

Michael A. Panico - Former U.S. Marine Officer, Former FBI Cybercrime Special Agent: We help Hollywood produce the best and most realistic depictions of hacker tools, techniques, and hacker culture. Available for scripted and reality projects.


Our philosophy is to enable producers, directors, and writers to create compelling stories. We understand that the technical details of computer hacking should be subservient to story and we pride ourselves on our ability to translate technical concepts into plain language.


We are committed to supporting your vision. We want to say Yes to your ideas, so if the plot point you've come up isn't consistent with reality, we pride ourselves on providing alternatives that will achieve your artistic intention.


Michael has over 15 years experience both in the government and in the private sector investigating cybercrime cases, and has observed some of the most sophisticated hackers plying their trade up close. In addition, he has access to other top industry professionals and prides himself on being able to get any question answered.

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Consulting Services

  • Background Discussions
  • Production Support
  • Script Consultation
  • On-Set Technical Consulting
  • Hacker Tool Demonstrations
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